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Not a Cummins, Not a repower, but it is a 3.3L turbo diesel Jeep

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  • Not a Cummins, Not a repower, but it is a 3.3L turbo diesel Jeep

    Well its not a Cummins, nor is it a repower (really...) but it is a 3.3L Nissan turbo diesel in a 1985 Cj10A.
    This has been a 2 year project for me and it's still not done but getting there slowly.
    1985 Jeep CJ10a Tug
    Nissan 3.3l NA diesel adapted to a big block TF727 with a stock SY np231
    Engine has been converted to a turbo using factory turbo and manifold
    Injection pump was also changed to the turbo version
    TF727 was rebuilt (this was the reason the Air Force sold it)
    Cherokee np231 was bolted in place of stock case.
    Cherokee rear drive shaft with adapter to JK axle
    Cherokee rear 2.5" lift springs
    JK rear Dana 44 with Arb air locker and 4.10s
    Jk rubicon front Dana 44 with e locker and 4.10s

    will continue later

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    Well this one might be going to a new home soon. But..... will be in a new form.... if it happens I'll post photos as it goes.


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        Tug still hanging around for now, got a paint job this last week. Might have to finish it up one of these days.
        not exactly the color I wanted but it works.


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          There were a lot of things I liked about the SD33 in my Scout-mostly that it was original and unique. Eventually, I opted for a Cummins repower. The 2.8 wasn't available when we started that project, so we went for a 3.9.


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            the tug is running around with its new owner. Still rocking the sd33t!