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  • RePowerToy needs a new home!


    1985 RePowerToy

    Well the time has come to move the 1985 Toyota Pickup nicknamed RePowerToy to a new home to start the next project. Many of you know it has been used on many Cummins Inc promotional ads as well as in 4-Wheeler magazine last year online and will be in print in a month or two. I have flyers, signs, and a plaque with the print of 4Wheeler Magazine that will all go with the truck.

    The Specs

    1985 Toyota Xtracab SR5 4x4 with AC

    ​Beta Test Cummins R2.8l engine replaced the 22RE

    ​Axis LS style engine adapter

    ​AA bellhousing conversion on a remanufactured W56 5 speed manual transmission

    ​Axis Motor mounts which are a Toyota mount

    ​Marlin Crawler doubler transfer case (stock front ratio, 4.7 rear ratio)

    ​CV drive shafts front and rear

    ​Champion Radiator and will come with a stock if you don’t like how far the aftermarket one hangs down

    ​CX racing intercooler and pipe

    ​Mechanical F17” flex fan with adapter

    ​De-airation cooling system

    ​1 year old Red top battery

    ​Custom Skid plate/ cross member from ¼” plate

    IFS width rear axle with stock 4.10 gears, Grizzly locker, new bearings and brakes, skid, and 1.5” spacers

    ​‘85 front axle with IFS hubs and V6 brakes, High pinion third, Grizzly locker, 4.10 gears, truss, skid, new bearings and seals throughout, 1.5” spacers to match.​

    ​(5 total) Pro comp Steel wheels with 90% 35”x12.5”x15” Goodyear MTR’s

    ​Trail gear leaf springs with added leaf up front, Bilstein 5100 Shocks

    Rear floating air bags

    ​Frame slightly modified up front to clear AC but otherwise Untouched and NO rust at all

    ​Tub is very straight but does have the normal wear and tear that a 30 year old vehicle has, no rust at all on the tub either

    ​Front bumper is custom built with a 9500 lb winch, synthetic line, and a pair of LED lights

    ​Rock sliders just finished to act as a step and slider from 2” tube and 1.5” round tube

    ​Rear bumper is a Marlin Crawler that is bolted and stitched to the frame, Custom tire carrier on heims for easy operation, holds the spare and a jerry can nicely.

    ​Bed is very clean inside, with very little damage but it’s a truck and has been used as such.

    ​Bed has AC condenser mounted in it but that can be moved underneath easily

    ​Cab is in outstanding shape and the carpet has dynamat underneath inside

    ​Corbeau Seats that are in great shape ​

    ​Dash is completely stock other than the Murphy gauge for the engine and a dash mat

    ​Pioneer head unit with 7 speakers including a 12” sub behind driversseat, Pioneer amp

    ​Center console is mostly there but could use a bit of TLC from years of abuse

    ​Minor items as a full disclosure, horn doesn’t work due to clock spring (I will try to address this week), trim around windscreen is missing sides and top, speedo is about 10MPH slow due to gears and tire size. Will continue to address these small issues but being I have looked for parts for months not sure they can be done before sale. It’s a 1985 I’m sure I have missed something small...


    This pickup has been around the shop for about 7 years now and was owned by a good friend of mine who is an active duty Army Ranger. About 2 years ago he took the truck on a trip to AZ where the 22RE let go, truck was towed back and sat for about a year. We heard there was an opportunity for a Cummins R2.8 as a beta test engine and this became a shoe-in for a fast build to get it on road and see what the little engine would do. Also the Toyota has one of the smaller engine bays of any 4x4 trucks.

    We picked up our engines at Expo West and at this point the Toyota was already torn down. The total build was maybe a month but half of that was waiting on the custom parts.

    The truck was finished and was taken to CO on its maiden trip, it performed excellent but with any new build we found some small things to change. The miles of driving continued in town, on hwy and offroad until a Hot test trip to NV where we tested the limits of the little truck. It towed a 5,000 lb trailer up Davis Dam and the next day the trans gave up the goat, with 314k miles. Once back to NM a remanufactured W56 was installed and has been there since. It has over 5,000 miles on it as of now and no issues.

    Gets 16-17mpg towing a 2,000 lb trailer and 20-22mpg on the highway depending on how you drive it, 20’s all day in town.

    Overall it has been an outstanding test truck and shop truck, I don’t really want to sell it but with most shop projects they fund the next build so it’s time to go.

    By no means is this a show truck and it is not without its flaws, however it runs down the highway better than any older Toyota that I know of. I know some people will say it’s just an 85 Toyota, but it is THE RePowerToy, one of one.

    Will come with the Instagram account, email account, signs and plaquewith 4Wheeler magazine feature. Indicates 319K miles and going up as It is still used as a shop truck.

    Asking $22,500 OBO for the truck with a clean NM title and it is located in ABQ, NM. Fly in and drive away.

    See below for more info

    PM me or email [email protected]

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    Rack and tent are not included at this time.


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      It’s former life included being in the feature film Gold, and the block buster Maze Runner-Scorch Trials


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            Good luck in finding a new home, looking forward to the next build.


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              Originally posted by BrdHntn View Post
              Good luck in finding a new home, looking forward to the next build.
              Thank you!


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                Here is a brake down on cost for those that think it’s crazy to ask this kind of money.

                5000 for a clean toyota pickup
                9000 for the cummins R2.8
                1300 for LS style adapter
                600 for AA bellhousing kit
                150 for motor mounts
                700 for reman W56 transmission
                1900 for marlin crawler doubled t case
                400 for drive shafts
                200 skid plate
                300 for sliders
                500 for bumper
                400 for winch with syn line
                300 for radiator
                500 for ac compressor/lines/condenser/evap
                100 mechanical fan with adapter
                400 rear bumper with Tire carrier
                100 for rear axle
                200 for front hubs and brakes
                1000 for lockers
                300 for high pinion housing
                200 for truss and skid on axles
                2200 for trail gear lift
                200 for radio with amp and sub
                400 for corbeau seats

                That said some items were done over time and cost was not up front.
                This total is $24,850 in Parts and materials with the cost of the truck, no labor! Someone should expect to buy a Pickup and build it this way, for this kind of money.

                Now do I expect someone to pay full retail new for all of these parts? No. Do I need to get most of my money back out and will I loose most if not all of my labor? Yes.

                Here’s what I’ll do to get the ball moving and get on to the next build,
                I am dropping the price $3,000 to $24,500 OBO.



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                  Someone needs this.


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                    Your list of parts and prices above is very helpful to those of us in the planning stage. It also shows that this truck is a great deal!


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                      Originally posted by Biodiesel Don View Post
                      Your list of parts and prices above is very helpful to those of us in the planning stage. It also shows that this truck is a great deal!
                      Thank you! It really is worth the money. As for the pricing list, I felt people were just writing this off as a basic Toyota with a 2.8l Cummins. It really is a turn key fun, daily driver, Overlander, crawler.


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                        Forum members make an offer. I’ll deal.


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                          Sold!! Off to its new home still around NM.