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Difference between a ISF2.8 and R2.8

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  • Difference between a ISF2.8 and R2.8

    Does anyone know the exact difference between these two variants?

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    Same parent family but when we built the shop order for the R2.8, we picked the newest and most durable performance parts that would stand up to a wide range of automotive duty-cycles in on and off-road applications (crank, main bearings, pistons, etc). Our R2.8 shop order has even passed the gruelling NATO 400 hour engine endurance test! We developed the calibration specifically to balance meeting US emissions regulations and performance expectations. And then we created the rest of the wiring harness and selected the kit components to make it as adaptable for as many builds as possible.

    The parent F2.8 has dozens of various shop orders and options as they are used in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications around the world. Those are delivered from the factory with a specific application in mind so the shop orders and calibrations are tailored accordingly per the OEM spec.