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    Hi all,

    This project is my 97 Jeep TJ. The TJ has a pretty long list of add ons already, Currie high pinion 8.8 axles front and rear with ARB lockers and 4.56 gears, Warn locking hub conversion with chrome moly axles and 30 spline outers, Klune Vee doubler, Atlas II transfer case, Tom Woods drive shafts, Currie 4 inch lift with radius arms, Currie steering upgrade, PSC hydraulic assist and steering box and pump, on board air,Genright 19.5 gallon fuel tank, 35-12.50-15 Mickey Thompson MTZ tires and MT wheels, front and rear 9000 lb electric winches. The only thing this TJ needs is an engine that sips fuel and can maintain highway speeds, because the 4.0 is not up to the task.

    Last night I ordered the Cummins R2.8 with A/C compressor and a Quickdraw adapter and motor mounts. It looks like a might be waiting a little while for the adapter to get shipped. The engine is coming from Denver and I am in Wyoming, so it should be here in a few days. The engine is missing some components that are on back order and should ship later this month, but I will still be able to drool. Since snow is still falling, this will be a good april-may project.

    I am researching the other parts I need, intercooler, fan etc and I have a game plan. Does anyone know if I can use the stock Cummins mounting plate for my A/C compressor in the TJ? I think I want to delete the factory PCM since my airbags are gone anyway, should I just get all new gauges? I am thinking about the intellitronix digital gauges, they say I need a diesel adapter, for the tach, does anyone know what will trigger the gauge?
    Thanks in advance, I hope to get started and finished soon!

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    I check the FED EX tracking number yesterday and the engine was shipped from Indiana. It was supposed to arrive today but I needed a mental health day and needed to go to the mountains to look for elk antlers and play on the Can AM 800 on tracks. So, I don't know if the engine showed up or not. I had it shipped to work because we have a forklift to unload and I don't need a Semi stuck in the snow in my driveway. I have decided to not try and install A/C at this time after emailing back and forth with Brittany at Cummins Repower. I will have to return the Cummins A/C compressor that I ordered. I think now I will go with an electric fan too instead of a mechanical fan since I won't have A/C. I was advised that some of the small parts were back ordered on my engine and will arrive later in March. I am going to build this project 20 times in my sleep and that way I might get it finished in two weeks when I get all of the parts.


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      We've all been there. I built my rig with most diesel engines 20 times in my head before being sold on the R2.8 as the best option for a TJ for what I wanted from the TJ.

      I think the Cummins tach signal, comes from the computer, but it just needs to be adjusted so it'll read correctly. The adapter is relatively cheap and you just watch the Murphy gauge and adjust until the RPMs match between the 2. You could also just use the Murphy Gauge, but if you've got an RPM gauge, then why not just adjust the output signal. There are probably other gauge clusters out there that can do this, but I just know from my experience with the Dakota Digital stuff. Lots of really good options are out there.