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  • Cooling

    I can’t tie in the lower radiator hose to my aeration box because of the way universal hose I used. Is anybody running other coolant line configurations?

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    My system is almost exactly like the Jeep cooling system. Just bleed it a few times and it's no big deal. I don't even think my fan has ever kicked on, but I do have a larger than OEM radiator.


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      You will be fine with or without deairation. The reason for this system is to purge air from the EGR cooler, with an air pocket in the EGR cooler it can be damaged. If you do not run deairation just be sure to bleed the EGR cooler hoses that run across the top of the engine.


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        Don't mean to beat a dead horse here, but what did you end up doing Victorino? Right now I've been using the stock coolant overflow and I T'd in from the Tstate and EGR Bleed valve into the stock tank but when the Tstat opens at higher temps it dumps way too much coolant into the tank and pretty much empties the overflow res


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          If you are flowing too much coolant a quick test is a small fitting to restrict flow. Many ways to do this. Have seen guys take a pipe plug and drill a 1/8” or smaller hole and put it inline. Not sure if that helps....


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            I ended up just plugging the line that comes off the thermostat housing and running it with a closed system. This isn't optimal but got me on the road and I've only hit 200 degrees once while towing a trailer uphill. I'm still working on finding a solution. Wondering if a generic swirl pot breather would work.