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  • R2.8 Shipping

    This might be a silly question, but for those of you who have taken delivery of the R2.8, is a fork lift pretty much required to get the crate off the delivery vehicle? I can't tell how high it will need to be unloaded from, and whether a normal hoist with straps can do it. Thanks!

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    I'm pretty sure it has to be taken off with a fork truck. I know it was taken off with a fork truck when I had it delivered at work.


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      Plan on needing a forklift. I unloaded from FedEx truck at work and put it in the back of my personal truck. Unloaded it from my personal truck with an engine hoist and needed all of the reach and nearly all of the lift height to get it out of an older F-250. The deck of a semi trailer is taller and out of reach for an engine hoist.


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        I picked mine up from a FedEx distribution warehouse and the used a forklift to load it into the back of my truck.