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Turbo and down pipe covers

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  • Turbo and down pipe covers

    my solution to keep heat and noise down

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    Interesting. What material is that? My military diesel generator has something similar around the muffler.


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      Interesting. Hadn’t considered it much of a noise maker but might have to try this as well.


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        My 1st objective is heat reduction, my air filter sits directly above the turbo. I plan to measure charged air temp at some point aswell andi will be covering the CA return pipe as well. See picture
        The down pipe sits directly under the passenger foot well
        noise in the single cab jeep is significant so any thing might help. I also need to find an uber quiet small muffler
        the blankets are double wall 2500 degree type made by thermal zero in ohio


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          Do you have a product number for the stuff you bought from them? With wire and hose routing in my Jeep most seems to have to go under the EGR Valve stuff and right above the turbo outlet with the DOC. I'm a bit paranoid that somehow something will shift during some off-road travel and some wiring or hoses will hit this area. I have some heat shield I haven't installed yet for the wiring, but maybe covering that stuff would keep noise and heat where it needs to be. I don't have AC so heat to the passengers is a concern for me as well.