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  • '41 Dodge Build

    Hey guys, I have a small fab shop in NJ and we're currently doing a R2.8 swap in a 1941 Dodge truck. It's going to be 2wd with new IFS, NV4500 trans, and 8.75 rear. Lots of work involved but I'll post pics as we go. Thanks!

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    We have the new front suspension mocked up and the engine sitting in it's approximate location. While we're waiting on mounts I will box the frame and build a new radiator support mount since the current one interfers with the steering rack.


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      That's going to be an awesome build. I'm looking forward to it. A buddy at work has a similar Dodge, but he already popped in a V8 though I think a diesel would really make one of these a bit cooler.


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        How’s it coming along?


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          Getting things done, slowly but surely. Ordered the motor mount kit from Axis but only ended up using the rubbers, the upper brackets were too high for my liking so I made my own out of plate and 2x4 rect tube. I shifted the pass mount as far back as I could and that allowed it to clear the A/C but only by 1/8" so I redrilled the rubber bracket and will trim the ear off for insurance. A/C pump is Sanden SD7H15-4822 with brackets from RePowerToy.

          Decided on tubular lower mounts because the steering had to go right through the drivers side. They turned out good and will reinforce the new front crossmember.


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            Steering done and fuel filter mounted. I will make a stone shield once the lines are done to protect the fuel filter from debris.


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              Looks great! Nice work