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    Wow a reply from the man himself! I'm honored, sir. I really appreciate the info about the cam signal wiring to wake up the PCM. Before I realized my PCM was bricked I was trying that and getting nothing so it was really frustrating not knowing what was going on. I'm currently using the Cummins flywheel as I went with Quickdraw's bellhousing adapter setup so no crank sensor mounting location exists anymore at the flywheel. That would have been a HUGE bonus to using Axis's setup and is something I hadn't considered early on. Good to know the stock pcm option is still viable though. It would probably be a whole lot simpler to stay with the stock PCM and convert the cummins crank signal than trying to mount the stock crank sensor to the front of the R2.8. I think Dakota Digital probably has something that could be used for this.

    Because I'm a glutton for punishment though, I think I'm going to go a different route. I'm currently talking to another XJ owner on another forum and getting a parts list together for a small circuit board to bypass the stock PCM completely. I've already bypassed the PCM's A\C sensor inputs/outputs to get my air conditioning going again so at this point the only thing the PCM would be doing for my jeep is driving gauges. He claims that he has all the right code set up to run the CCD Bus signals that the gauge cluster expects to see so it's going to be a matter of writing some code to convert signals from the R2.8 and send them along to the stock gauges. What would be really nice would be not to have any redundant sensors and to take signals from the J1939 CAN network and convert them to CCD Bus signals (with the exception of fuel level sensor) and also integrate the check engine light to have a very slick stock-like user interface. I haven't done anything with it yet though so I'll update this thread if I get something working.


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      so out of curiosity on this old thread. Did you ever get everything setup and working?