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1957 Flat Fender Power Wagon

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  • 1957 Flat Fender Power Wagon

    Hi all, currently doing an install for a friend in his 1957 Power Wagon. Does anyone know anything about the performance of the power steering pump? The output graph in the install manual shows a very low output pressure which I confirmed with tech services.

    I am used to the 6BT pumps which do 1K+ PSI to run hydroboost and power steering. Is anyone here running these systems with the 2.8 pump, or do I need to look at an aftermarket?

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    I do not know the performance beyond the numbers and my builds. I have run this stock pump with a PSC hydro assist Jeep jk steering box and 1.75” ram. Performed flawlessly! I see no reason it will not run Hydroboost with no issue.


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    So This is a very common setup in desert racing, but the reason you will not see many on road like this is not DOT compliant. It is a requirement for a mechanical linkage from steering wheel to tire. This is currently under challenge by Tesla I believe because of their self driving system.

    This all said. I have built and driven many offroad vehicles using psc fully hydro systems. They work very very well now!


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      I've driven a rock crawler on the street with full hydro steering without a return-to-center valve body and it was exhausting a terrifying It stays going whatever direction you set it nomatter what.