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Fuel filter change r2.8

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  • Fuel filter change r2.8

    Curious if anyone has changed the r2.8 fuel filter yet. I don’t know much about changing the fuel filter in diesels other than it’s a high pressure system. Can’t find anything in the owners manual that tells me how to do it. Do I need to bleed the lines and then replace the filter then pump the fuel lines by hand like I did when priming the engine or is it as simple as removing the filter and adding the new one then priming it?

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    I'm just about ready to replace mine too.

    When I change it for other diesels, I just unscrew the filter and put on the new one and then prime the the system. Some diesels the lift pump does the priming, but this one is the hand pump which will take awhile. Axis mentioned filling the filter some with clean diesel for less hand priming, but I'm probably just gonna hand prime mine.


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      The trick with our system is to:
      1. Install the the new filter (empty)
      2. Open the bleeder on top of the housing
      3. Start pumping the hand primer on the filter head
      4. Once fuel gets to the bleeder (filling the filter with FILTERED fuel as opposed to dumping fuel in by hand and bypassing filter), closer bleeder
      5. Continue to pump until the primer is hard to push
      6. Start engine
      7. Once engine is running, you can easily push the primer in and screw it to secure it