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97 Jeep TJ Repower R2.8

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    I received a new EGR from Cummins today. I installed it and went through the key cycle process to clear codes, the two codes from unplugging the connector on the egr went away, but the 2791-13-01 was still on the Murphy Gauge and the amber light was still lit up. I went and grabbed my Autel Scan tool again. I picked FOTON from the menu, then I picked light truck, then for engine I picked ISF, the scan tool populated two fields, ecu information and read codes. I clicked on read codes and a bunch of codes came up. Then I picked clear codes. I got a message that said it could not communicate with the ecu. I backed up and went into the field that said ecu information and it read the model number of the ecu, Cummins and some other details. I backed out and clicked on read codes and the codes came up again, again I clicked on erase codes and this time it worked and no codes present came up!!!!! I started the engine and the Murphy gauge still showed 2791-13-01, but the amber light was now off. I still had the scan tool hooked up so I hit read codes and got the message no codes found!!!!!!

    The big question is why wouldn't this EGR code clear when it showed that it had only come up one time, but still showed as being active. All of the other codes that came up from me unplugging connectors would clear as soon as I went through the procedure, but they stayed in the history of the ecm as inactive. They are all cleared now. When I picked the information for the scan tool to look at it came up with J1939, communicating with ecm!

    The weird thing about this EGR issue is that if I clear the code and leave the key on and start the engine after clearing the code, the code stays off. If I turn the key off and then turn the key on and wait to start, as soon as the wait to start light goes out, the amber light comes on and the 2791-13 code comes up on the Murphy Gauge. To me this tells me the ecm isn't getting the proper signal to the EGR, maybe the program needs to be reinstalled. I am going to call Cummins again in the morning.
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