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97 Jeep TJ air conditioning with R2.8

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  • 97 Jeep TJ air conditioning with R2.8

    I would really like to retain the air conditioning in my 97 Jeep TJ because summers in the Wyoming desert are very hot and cool air blowing even with the half door upper removed makes the ride a lot more enjoyable. Does anyone know of a successful R2.8 installation into a Jeep TJ where the a/c compressor was successfully retained and what had to be done to make it work. I have heard mention of the 5286671 bracket that switches the a/c compressor and power steering pump location, but there is concern that the power steering pump will then interfere with the TJ frame. Quick draw also has a bracket that moves the compressor up higher and uses a PSC steering pump. Does this give the needed clearance? I am also interested in knowing what alternator is required to retain my Premier power welder. My engine was supposed to have been delivered to where I work two days ago and hopefully I can uncrate it tomorrow. I will still be waiting for the installation kit from Cummins as they said it will be shipped sometime in March. I will also have to wait 30-60 days for Quickdraw to fill my adapter to transmission and motor mount order and then the fun can begin.

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    I have been reseaching as much as I can and it appears that Axis makes a megabracket that raises the lower accessory location by 3 inches and inward 1 inch allowing for a/c in a Jeep TJ or similar narrow frame vehicles.


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      I know axis has that mega bracket that was pretty spicy back in the day and I was thinking QuickDraw was also doing something with a casting to save some money. I can't find an example of it but I also vaguely recall someone exploring doing an adapter plate for the Cummins bracket that swaps the AC/PS locations and moves that bracket up a couple of inches. I'm not sure if they ever got it done.

      Our black Cummins TJ does NOT have AC.

      Sorry I don't have better info off-hand!


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        The axis bracket would probably work, but it is pricey. Quickdraw has a bracket that swaps the a/c with the power steering pump, but they don't say if it moves them up or not, so it might still be an issue. For the time being I will skip the a/c, the heater is more important in the winter!