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Beta R2.8 Toyota pickup named RePowerToy

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  • Beta R2.8 Toyota pickup named RePowerToy

    Figured a build thread should be started for the RePowerToy.

    RePowerToy is a 1985 Toyota pickup that was owned by a good friend of mine for most of its life. I helped him do a bunch of work including the TG 3" lift, wheels, tires and gears a few years ago but it didn't get out more than a few times. On its last major outing the trusty 22re gave up the goat. After this it sat around for about a year and became a shoe in for a beta test project. The day finely came that the beta motors showed up and then the fun started.

    The basic specs are
    Cummins R2.8 power plant
    w56 standard 5 speed
    marlin crawler 4.7/2.2 double case
    cv front and rear drive shafts
    8" Toyota IFS rear axle with 4.10s and Yukon grizzly locker
    8" Toyota solid front with 4.10s and Yukon grizzly locker, also has IFS hubs and v6 taco brakes.
    35" GoodYear MTRs on 15" steel wheels
    Trail gear 3" lift springs with modified leafs.
    front bumper is custom from TAV
    rear bumper is Marlin crawler with custom swing out added
    Front runner bed rack with James Broaud tent

    to be continued..... I'm slow at this...

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      Axis Industries for some of the adapters.
      Chris and Will helped out with a mock up parts before the real thing arrived.


      • BigSquints25
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        Did you get an adapter to the LS trans, then another adapter for LS trans to W56?

      • RePowerToy
        RePowerToy commented
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        Correct. Advance adapters has the Toyota adapters and I’m sure other solutions have been made by this point.

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      Throw back to the pickups movie days (yes this pickup was in multiple films)
      This time was in the movie "Gold"

      and more Axis good stuff


      • BrdHntn
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        Did you machine the Cummins flywheel down?

      • RePowerToy
        RePowerToy commented
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        The flywheel is a stock Cummins that has been machined by axis. They have changed the design now I believe. But this was an early one.

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      Not much gets posted but putting this here.


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        Engine going in and the first version of a front bumper


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          Photos of the underside with the W56 and custom skid to cover and hold the Marlin dual transfer cases.
          V6 brake calipers, and the only place the AC condenser would fit. No way I was going to put in a new Cummins and not have AC as well. haha


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            Intercooler mounting takes some serious cutting.....
            more of the basic install


            • BrdHntn
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              Did you get your radiator and intercooler from axis?

            • RePowerToy
              RePowerToy commented
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              They are just aftermarket units, not from axis.

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            Going to fast forward to this.....

            and will be back to the build momentarily.


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              High pinion front diff and steering pics.

              The front clip needed to have some serious mods to make the proper CAC to fit.
              Front clip bracket for CAC can be fabricated or give us a call.


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                Here goes with some info,
                Cummins R2.8 from Cummins Inc
                LS trans adapter from Axis Industries.
                LS/4.3 vortec belhousing and clutch from Advance adapters
                W56 reman trans
                Marlin 4.7/2.2 doubled case
                IFS front drive shafts front and rear retubed to proper lengths
                Custom clocked double skid/crossmember
                4.10 stock 4cyl rear with Yukon grizzly locker
                4.10 HP v6 front third with in house machined spacers to use the 4cyl Yukon grizzly locker
                IFS hubs and v6 brakes
                Pro comp 15x8 steel wheels
                Goodyear MTRs 35/12.5x15
                Fuek tank changed to stock 1984 carb tank so no intank pump
                Inline Fuel filter placed under hood due to space.
                No lift pump is required for the R2.8
                DOC was cut down but still completely intact
                2.5" straight exhaust with no muffler
                Intake and battery traded sides.
                AC compressor is from a Ford e350 with dorman manifold.
                Brackets built in house
                Radiator is a Champion unit ordered from JEGS
                CAC is the a 2.5" inlet and outlet, exactly the same as is used by RIPP on jeep jks. Sold by CX Racing
                CAC pipe also from CX Racing but most performance shops have this as well
                Fan is a 17" flex unit from Derale 19317 I think is the number.
                2" fan spacer and a custom in house made adapter is required,
                Fan shroud also in house.
                This R2.8 has a positive deairation coolant system which is not required but i have it in place.
                more to come


                • BrdHntn
                  BrdHntn commented
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                  How do like the 4.10's pushing 35's? What kind of fuel economy are you seeing with that combination?

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                The majority of the factory wiring harness under the hood and factory ECM in the pass kick panel was removed, you will need a FsM to d this easily without guessing.
                Cummins ECM is mounted on the drivers inner fender and the Cummins harness runs across the firewall. It enters the cab with the factory grommet.
                All wiring splicing takes place in the passenger kick panel.

                For most vehicles pre 1995 will require a digits to analog tach controller to operate the factory tachometer. Even some later vehicles can benefit from the same unit to make the Tach read properly. A digital to analog tach controler can be found on the internet but the unit on this truck is from Dakota Digital.

                The throttle pedal bracket will most likely have to be modified for most applications like this, however it is simple enough to just shorten the Cummins bracket.
                Cummins supply's a Murphy gauge that reads CAN and is mounted left of the factory gauges.

                Temp gauge and oil pressure gauge use stock Toyota senders placed in appropriate locations. The top port behind the oil cooler is the proper oil pressure sender location. As for temp it is easier to run an adapter in line of the upper hose or on the heater hose. The R2.8 has a temp sender port but in my experience not much works with it easily.

                Here are some small tidbits..... the stock motor mounts with the Axis mounts bolt up on this application. Could not be easier, however the factory mounts should be removed and moved back for more space in front of the engine.
                Bolted into the stock mounts the transmission and t case are 1.75" further back than stock so the console will need modification to fit properly.



                • BrdHntn
                  BrdHntn commented
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                  Do you recall what you saved off the wiring harness? I'm pulling my 22RE motor this weekend for a buyer and they're asking about the wiring harness so I don't want to accidentally give something I'm going to need.

                • RePowerToy
                  RePowerToy commented
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                  Almost none of the under hood harness is used. The computer is not needed either. I recommend getting a FSM for your vehicle with the wiring diagrams, it will help.
                  Be sure to keep temp sender and oil pressure sender for your OE gauges.

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                Well I have tested them all (figure or speech)
                Due to space constraints a Taurus fan would not fit but I have tested a variety of electric fans with and without shrouds. The ultimate solution on this truck would be... and may happen... to push the engine back a few more inches and to run a Taurus 2 Speed fan.
                The Electric fan is the solution and should be used, I will be going back to this eventually.

                Frame modification must be done to fit an AC compressor and it is also needed to make enough room for the DOC. Small notch is needed for the DOC and then plate it back in.

                Ac condenser does not fit well up front is why mine is remote mounted in the bed. This is a simple solution that can be used on anything really.

                I am sure I'm missing a ton but that's a start.


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                  Also if you find this information useful tell your friends on social media to join!


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