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2.8 ISF UMM Alter II LWB Crewcab

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  • 2.8 ISF UMM Alter II LWB Crewcab

    Hello RePower Gang,

    My second post here so thank you for the forum, it's interesting reading so far.

    I am based in the UK so don't have access to the Cummins repower crate programme but it is possible for me to get a new 2.8 ISF which is the same model as your R2.8 I believe. I have several UMM Alters which are a dead ugly ex Portuguese Military 4x4, the same sort of size as a Land Rover Defender. They are made from 4mm steel chassis with 2mm steel bodies and mostly flat panels, they have DANA 44 and DANA 30 axles with a Peugeot 2.5 XD3 TE engine and BA 10/5 gearbox with a chain driven transfer case that was made by UMM (very similar to the Jeep Quadratrac one but without the Quadratrac bit).

    I have a 1990 LWB crewcab pickup version that I am restoring from a wreck (it is the last of its kind in right hand drive) and will be looking to re-power with a modern Cummins engine. I have already been doing lots of cutting, welding, axle rebuilding and banded the original rims and fitted Maxxis Treppadors, a 8 inch lift on leaf springs and many other bits and pieces.

    As I mentioned it is not possible for me to get access to the R2.8 crate engine programme and even if I could the price I would have to buy it at in the States plus the import charges to me here in the UK wouldn't make this a viable option. I can however import an 2.8 ISF from the Cummins plant in China (I believe this is something Bruiser conversions in the USA were doing before they started with the crate programme).


    I would firstly like to check the specs that I should order for the 2.8 ISF:

    Model - ISF 2.8 4161P
    Power - 120kw @ 3600rpm (160hp and 266lbft/360Nm)
    Brake - hydraulic oil (so it will come with a vacuum pump)

    This can be supplied to me in the UK in 7 days for $4450 plus UK taxes from a company called Shiyan HaiYu Industry Trading Co. Ltd (more details at


    The 2.8 ISF can be supplied to me with all of the engine accessories, turbo, ECM, alternator, grid heater, air intake, power steering pump and engine wiring harness that you are supplied with the R2.8 crate engine. But without a Universal Wiring Harness or electronic Throttle Pedal or J1939 CAN dash display (although I have been thinking about an EDGE display or other CANBUS electronic display. Do you know if I can buy the Universal Wiring Harness and electronic throttle pedal separately in the States and have them shipped to the UK or what the Cummins part numbers are for them so I can try and order them through Cummins UK?

    I hope you can help or offer some advice, this is the ticket to future motive happiness!



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    Wow! Those are different looking. Something I'd never seen before. Thanks for posting.


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      I have some good news for you, it is possible to ship you an engine complete as a RePower. I know of a few engines are across the pond.


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        Indeed I don't doubt that that wouldn't be a problem, but it is the cost that will be prohibitive to me with the import duty/tax and the shipping charges. Believe me it's the easiest option and one that I would love to do, but it is almost double the cost!

        I've had a pretty in depth discussion with two suppliers in China as to the engine that I require (the 2.8isf) and they've been asking all the right questions, after seeing what Bruiser Conversion were up to before the R2.8 came out then I am pretty confident I will end up with the right product.

        Currently been quoted for a ISF 2.8w4161P with 120kw @ 3600 rpm and the model with the vacuum pump so it can operate my brakes correctly. This is the 160hp/266lbft model. Was to include the ECM, turbocharger, alternator, power steering pump and engine wiring harness.

        They quoted as 6650usd/set for brand new engine from cummins china (10-15 days delivery) or 4450usd/set for their stock of new cummins engine (5-7 days delivery).


        So a saving of $4k over what I'd be getting from Cummins USA, which is one of these motors anyhow... and I'll be charged half the amount of import duty/tax as the initial outlay is half.

        As I mentioned the only thing that I need to source is the Control loom that goes from the ECM to the dash and the electronic throttle pedal - can anyone help with this one? I've emailed Cummins but not been able to get hold of anyone that can give me an answer.


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          Does anyone have any leads on getting a Control Loom from ECM to the dash and the electronic throttle for an R2.8, I am in Mexico currently working so my next step is stop by Cummins USA if I can't source remotely - anyone?


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            I have yet to source just those parts as all of the existing parts are attached to engines already.


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              Originally posted by RePowerToy View Post
              I have yet to source just those parts as all of the existing parts are attached to engines already.
              No worries, I expected as much!

              Would you have the part numbers or be able to take a picture of them so I can ask at Cummins UK?

              - Control Loom from ECM to the dash
              - Dash module
              - Electronic throttle pedal and associated wiring

              Thanks in advance!


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                Here's the pedal. You should be able to look these up. I did look up some literature on them, but I don't remember where I put the file I printed off.