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1997 Jeep Wrangler R2.8

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  • 1997 Jeep Wrangler R2.8

    It begins. Well kinda. The engine showed up, but I'm completely unorganized. I'll run up to Axis next week and pick up some goodies and start tearing into the Jeep next week too. New fuel tank is on order too.

    Basic Build:

    Mostly stock 1997 Jeep Wrangler with AX-15 and 4.0L Dana 30 front and Dana 35 Rear

    Now or soon:
    -Genright Enduro tank
    -33" x 10.5" KM3s (currently 30x9.5 Buckshot Mudders and the OD is now 29")
    -R2.8 Cummins
    -Luk HD Clutch
    -Intercooler, radiator, radiator bracket, Electric fan, engine adapter, motor mounts, hoses, misc mounts, sensor adapters, clocking ring, exhaust flange, a few other odds and ends - Axis Industries

    Other Stuff Probably Soon
    -Front Black Magic Brake Pads and Centric Premium Front Rotors
    -Currie Sway Bar(s)
    -Seats with cushion and less protruding metal
    -Dakota Digital Adapter for Tach integration
    -Fixing other broken components, I've been ignoring

    One day/Until major destruction forces me
    -Front and Rear axles, some sort of upgrade with selectable lockers
    -Basic steering components
    -skid plates
    -Body cargo/protection mods

    There's a lot of wants, but that's start.

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    Awesome! Sounds like a great build.
    post up some Jeep photos.


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      Finally started tearing into the TJ. I've actually got a lot pictures and video of what I've been doing. Of course messing with the videos, kind of distracted me from labeling some stuff better. I'm going to take some vacation and hopefully get further along.

      I still don't have my adapters and other install items, but I've been talking with Chris at Axis so that stuff should show up pretty quickly and I'm not ready for it anyway. My GenRight Enduro tank came in. I'm still waiting on my clutch and my steering gear box is leaking so now looks like a great time swap that out. I'm not sure how to do the video stuff, but I'll probably put it up on YouTube, if you're interested.

      Btw there's a few things under the hood, that I'm not exactly sure what they do, so I'm going to get the manual out and see what I can get rid of to clean up in there.


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        Got a bit more done over the weekend. Found more stuff to address as well. Rear track bar bushing is shot and I will change to stainless steel brake lines. I've removed the fuel pump and I think I'm going to put new strainers on the housing. There's so much mud in there (not the tank, just everywhere under/in the Jeep). I've been cleaning and it's looking a bit better (photos are before any cleaning was complete). I found a couple rust spots, I'll touch up while I'm at it.

        I'm waiting on parts to show up so I'm not getting any of the big stuff complete yet, but I've been getting the dash apart and cleaned up a bit and started fitting the pedal. Do you guys disassemble and bend the pedal arm or just make a new bracket?

        I've found, what I believe is the correct wire on my ignition to make the Cummins fire with the key on.

        I'm going to continue to clean tonight and remove my old catalytic converter. I think for the time being, I'm going to just go straight, maybe flex pipe to the existing muffler, but I am going to have to play with muffler/no muffler/new muffler to find what I want. I'm past the days of wanting a loud exhaust, but I do like a nice rumble and the turbo whistling a bit. I'm also not 100% sure my new fuel tank will work with the current exhaust. I got the GenRight Enduro, but in the instructions it mentions a sawzall to remove some of it, but never says to cut the exhaust.

        Btw once I'm finished I'll post a bunch more pictures/video, but I've only taken a few with my cell phone. Of course right now it would just be me greased up and cleaning.


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          Looking good. I am not sure if they are bending the pedal or not... anyone else have input?


          • Rental Jeep Red
            Rental Jeep Red commented
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            Hi all, I had to bend the throttle pedal bracket to get it to fit nicely and be set back from the brake pedal. I'm doing a cherokee build though so...

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          Took a few attempts, but it's in. I damaged my heater core tubing when I was removing the hoses because I'm an idiot. So I added a heater core replacement.

          I've still got some stuff to change out that needed to be changed before the swap, but now a lot of stuff is easy to get to. I ordered the conversion kit for Axis, so hopefully the rest will be at my door this week for labor day weekend, if not, I'll get a head start on the exhaust, maybe sleep or something.

          I spent a bit of time yesterday under the engine thinking about a skid plate for the future.


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            Nice work! Getting to it


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              Does the flywheel housing have an inspection port that is normally left open? It's threaded there for what looks like a plug or something, but I haven't noticed any plugs.


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                Originally posted by DieselJeep View Post
                Does the flywheel housing have an inspection port that is normally left open? It's threaded there for what looks like a plug or something, but I haven't noticed any plugs.

                You could put a pipe plug in it but I tend to just leave them open. No need to plug.


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                  Hey i put a R2.8 in my jeep jk by myself, i have a few questions for you diesel jeep


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                    That's awesome. How do you like it so far? What did you do with your gauges? Let me know what questions you have. I'm not finished yet. I'm still waiting on some parts and I have to get some farm stuff done by the end of September if the weather will allow it.


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                      I LOVE it, it has tons more torque vs the 3.8l v6 that comes in the JK's and holds speed on the highway much better. I am daily driving mine testing things out, but im not finished yet either.

                      For the Murphy gauge that cummins sends i 3d printed a gauge pod to mount on my dash, plus i added a MaxTow boost gauge to the intake manifold and an EGT gauge to the exhuast manifold. ill attach a pic later if you want to see my setup.

                      Some of the problems im running into are minor electrical problems, ill have to post them later because im at work rn.

                      if you have any questions about anything im like 90% done with mine just let me know!


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                        How big is that gauge? Is it a standard gauge size? I'd like to put it in a pod with other gauges.


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                          I think they're 2" dia. Gauges. Got them on Amazon just Google max tow boost and egt gauges


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                            I was asking about the murphy gauge that comes with the engine.