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  • Murphy CAN Display

    We're considering the Murphy PV101 as an upgrade from the PV25 that comes in the R2.8 crate.

    Should we get the PV101 C or the PV101 A? We don't need the aftertreatment features of the 101C, but the C offers "a password protected menu to access MODBUS engine speed control..." and Torque Speed Contrrl to allow users to "set run speed via CAN" if supported by engine manufacturer. Would that be useful for cruise control?

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    I know Steve is running this on his disco, but I have no experience.
    Cruise is easy to do externally, it can be run within the Cummins software but seems to more complicated than it needs to be.


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      Now, we are looking for the connectors or instructions on how to build the connectors for the PV101. It has different connectors than the PV25 that comes with the R2.8 crate.