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LED warning light resistor

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  • LED warning light resistor

    Has anybody run a resistor in line for the warning lights so there isn't a slight glow when they are off? Does a 390 ohm, 1/2 w resistor sound right?

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    I believe a buddy suggested a 4.9 kohm resistor for the one mentioned in the manual and I think 680 ohms is the standard for 12V applications with typical LEDs. I ended up not wiring these, because the new gauges were supposed to work with this to a point, but my wait to start doesn't light up, so I'm not sure what's going on, plus I'm just going to mount the Murphy Gauge right there. I still may integrate them later though.


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      i am in the same boat. i rigged these up in my jeep since I had the spots to kill. And my son is driving it. i don't want the light bleeding on. been trying this afternoon to fix this but up to 750 ohm resistor it still stays on. i am wiring it on the positive side of the LED. I assume that to be correct right? looking for feedback. thanks.


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        figured it out. works great now.