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Engine parameters provided by CAN bus?

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  • Engine parameters provided by CAN bus?

    Is there a list of engine parameters broadcast-ed via CAN bus?

    I'm working through my build and I have Dakota Digital gauges. I'm want to buy the CAN module and limit the number of extra gauges and wire I have to install.
    Does the R2.8 broadcast:

    - Water temp?
    - Oil pressure?
    - Voltage?
    - Boost pressure?
    - EGTs? ( I didn't see any pyros on the engine)
    - wait to start?
    - MIL?

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    Hmm. Post a link to the CAN module? I have used Dakota on multiples of these and it is very simple. Only one gauge driver box that is put behind the dash. One wire to guages.


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      I have the same question basically, planning on Dakota gauges, but want to know if I need to buy a pressure sensor for the Manifold Gauge Pressure reading. My 7.3l Powerstroke broadcast that info on it's own though (along with all the others you mention, except the EGT), which I picked up with an OBDII connected programmer. Note the Cummins Repower page says there is a "Wait to Start" wire and an MIL wire as a part of the Cab side wiring.


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        You will need a pressure sensor for boost pressure if that’s what you are after. The “OBD” port is not obd, it communicates/broadcasts J1939.

        I normally run the wait to start as well as the Dakota has extra programmable inputs depending on what gauge set you buy. On these programmable lamps you can lab,e the warning and stop lamps just like the Murphy