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Cummins ECM key ignition wire

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  • Cummins ECM key ignition wire

    Having trouble finding which wire I need to splice the Cummins ECM key wire into to fire it up. I think I’ve found the 12V supply and from my understanding I need to figure out which of the output wires have 12V from the battery in the “on” and “start” positions for it to work. I’ll attach a picture of my ignition switch for reference. It looks like the ignition switch connector is solid with no gaps to get a meter into to check for continuity. Just wondering how other people handled this.

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    It was Dark Blue on the 97 Wrangler. Do you have any wiring diagram for your year? You're right that it has to be powered when in the "on/run" AND "start" position. You could probably do some continuity testing to find the right pin/wire.