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EFI Live Tuning and R2.8

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    Well I still haven't finished my exhaust in part, wondering about the DOC. Since it's passive it doesn't bother me much. If it'll reduce emissions without reducing my efficiency, I'm all for it. If it keeps some smoke down, then again I'm not against it. However the price for platinum is high, so maybe I should save it for a rainy day in my safe .

    I'm certainly not into worrying my about HP and racing, so I doubt I need some high flowing race exhaust. I simply just want a tune that will maximize life of the engine/fuel components and get as good of MPG as possible within the reliability mandate.


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      Looks as if I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy and EFI Live HD tuner and see what can be done with this engine since nobody can provide any information of any kind about anything.