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Need some help with a wire harness

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  • Need some help with a wire harness

    Greetings from India.
    i have got on my hands (three) 3 c2220 engines (r2.8), but i dont believe that they are complete.
    i feel like i am missing some wiring ,Murphy gauge and a throttle pedal. please can someone confirm my suspicions, and point me to a place i can acquire the same.

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    Those are old ISF2.8 commercial engines, not R2.8 crate engines. The performance parts (crank, turbo, cal, pistons, calibration) and front cover are all different. Plugging a crate harness into that won’t result in having an R2.8.


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      I agree with sanders, may look like a r2.8 but much like a 5.3ls and a 7.0ls very different. They look alike outside but are not the same at all.

      Also sourcing the missing parts will be very hard as none of them are available outside of the “crate” engine.

      But welcome from around the world


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        Thanks sanders and repowertoy for the information. Knowing what I know now how easy would it be to get the engine running. As I have never worked on ecm based diesel engines, most of my work has been on old mechnical diesels such as the xd3p from Peugeot.


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          No problem! It really depends on what these engines are looking for from their stock applications. The throttle pedal map calibrations are all unique to the throttle pedal spec'd on the OE application so finding out exactly what throttle pedal was used with each and sourcing that would be a starting point unless you have ability to customize calibration. Really, for this type of salvage yard swap, the more you can get of the original wiring from the vehicle, the better.

          If you can verify the flywheel housing and flywheel option, these can be great for use in mocking up an R2.8 install. But if using it for that, note that the oil filter/lube pump option is also very different. The R2.8 has a remote oil filter setup for a traditional metal filter vs this plastic screw-on one. The turbo connections are likely different too.

          Good luck!


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            any idea where i could get my hands on the cabin side wiring harness?
            i have sorted out the engine side wiring, just need to connect the indication lights, throttle pedal ,ignition switch and the murphy guage.
            Any leads would be of great help.