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  • Cummins INSITE for R2.8

    So who would I contact to get true info about the R2.8's ECM capabilities. I have called both local and corporate tech support previously and never got anyone who knew anything more than what their screen prompted them. I don't need someone who is going to type a question into their database and regurgitate a response. To be fair I knew I would not get anywhere with a local tech on the R2.8.

    If I bought an INSITE harness can I really do anything of consequence?

    Im really curious if I can connect up a VSS to the Cummins ECU and have it translate the J1939 to the OBDII port. Ultimately this might be too slow but who knows. I Also want to see if the R2.8 ECM's OBDII baud rate can be changed from 500 kbps IIRC to at least 1000 kbps or even better 2000 kbps. With it surely being somewhat new technology I cant image why its so limited.

    Maybe I'm asking too much, but I hate when the technology is sitting there and I cant utilize it to its fullest. I do realize that the Repower team has to work in a certain envelope and they can't cater to every install especially when it come to a 1975 Volvo C303. But many of these questions and functions seem so basic to me and would possibly open up to more options beyond some jeeps and Toyota. Just my 2cents.

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    Let me relay some of this to my people, I’ll see if anyone can answer those questions.


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      tagged for info. This would be useful.


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        RePowerToy, did you hit just as big of a wall as myself? Really wish I had a direct line to someone on the repower team that could discuss this stuff competently.

        K.C. Carpenter


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          Guys - Sorry for not seeing this earlier. So I have INSITE through my job and it does in fact offer parameter setting capability for what we've allowed for the R2.8. For my Rover, I'm running a 6L80e which broadcasts vehicle speed over CAN. With INSITE, I was able to toggle to VSS for speed input and program in my tire diameter and RAR to dial it in. My CAN display (Murphy PV-101) displays MPH so I wanted to get this calibrated just because although my factory speedo was still reading off the factory t-case speed0 sending unit.

          I hate to admit it, but I also toggled of the water in fuel sensor because I don't have it hooked up 3-years in :/ and I disabled my fast idle warm up because the version I had wasn't calibrated that well because it was pre-production so it smoked. You can also see a visual map of your duty cycle, any fault history, idle percentages etc. Our R2.8 software is in the same DB and built and managed by the same teams that manage all of the other Cummins software and calibrations here in Columbus, IN. As we go further along, we may unlock more parameter tuning but for now, just know that INSITE does support the R2.8.


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            Parameters such as..... EGR??


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              Originally posted by Ryno56 View Post
              Parameters such as..... EGR??
              ha.. nope. Emissions controls not accessible. You can adjust idle, enable/disable fast idle warm up, set service reminders, view all the engine history including some really cool 3D duty cycle graphing, fault history, etc. Think of them as trimables rather than tunables