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coolant temp sensor location

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  • coolant temp sensor location

    I want to use my stock coolant and oil pressure gauges at the stock sending location per the manual. I know Axis has an adapter for the coolant and oil but
    In the manual, the location for a coolant temp sensor is right before the thermostat. Pretty consistent for most manufactures. The stated thread pitch is M10 1.25 in the manual. I have searched Amazon, Ebay and the internet for an M10 1.25 and have only found TWO. One is in China, which I don't want to support and the other is in England. Here's the link:

    Has anyone found something stateside?

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    Added: I have a dual SPAL fan setup. Are people running the SPAL sensor at that location?


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      So you are looking for a sensor to install into the thermostat housing? I can try to measure and verify what it is. I have never used this port, normally tap the heater hose off of the thermostat. Or most of the time the back of the water jacket has a port as well at the inlet. If you look behind the lower radiator hose housing you will see it.

      The Cummins Ecu wiring is what most people run to trigger the E fan on and off. The reason is it’s simple and if you don’t use it, it will throw a code.



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        Thanks for the help.
        I did a deaeration system and used the port of the back of the water pump for the tank return.
        I have used the ecu wiring for the electric fan controls.
        I want to use the stock gauge, I have a wire from my stock harness. I want to capture the temp right before it's exit to the radiator and the plug that's plumbed for this is that one on the thermo housing. It's an M10 1.25. Most senders on the market are M10 1.5. ugh!!


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          I see. I’ll think about it but seems like you are on the right track? I don’t have a suggestion other than if someone makes a male/female adapter to make the change?


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            Any way to tap into the top of the radiator to do what you need?


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              cruiser jimmy What did you end up doing? My gauge uses 1/8 I was looking for a M10 (M) to 1/8npt (F) adapter. I ordered one in that was 1.25 pitch...but it wouldnt go in - I am thinking that the M10 on the thermostat housing is 1.0 pitch. My install manual only reflects that it is M10 (does not note the pitch).
              Also - mention using a port behind lower hose housing for tank return - is that M10-1.25? That sounds like a great idea instead fo tapping into the lower hose.


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                I am getting all my information put together so my swap will go quickly. The port by the thermostat housing is a M12x1.25 and I found an adapter at Summit Racing that goes to 1/8 NPT. For reference I checked the port for the oil pressure too on my engine and it is M10x1.0 and I also found an adapter on Summit Racing for that one to get it to 1/8 NPT.