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  • Mystery Plug?

    Help me identify this connector. It is the first branch off of the "J1" connector after the ECU, i.e. ECU>J1 connector> loomed harness> UKN connector about 8 inches back. 8-pin connector, uses only 4 pins. 2 solid blacks, a "solid Pink" and a Pink w/Black trace. Any clues?
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    It's nothing.

    I asked the same question in this thread:

    From Sanders:
    The yellow plug can be left alone. I believe it's two CAN wires, maybe a charge lamp indicator, and a jumper to the AC compressor plug that's also on the harness. This was leftover from an option for an OEM connection point.


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      Thanks Digger, that is the last piece of my harness puzzle...shame that a weather-tight block off plug wasn't provided. Looks like it would be a great place for water ingress and corrosion?