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Vehicle Speed Sensor for mechanical Speedo driver

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  • Vehicle Speed Sensor for mechanical Speedo driver

    So I’m starting to plan the dash wiring on my gladiator project and with the plan being to keep the factory 1965 instrument cluster, I need to decide how I want to drive my mechanical speedo.

    I’ve seen the GPS options but I really want a hard wired sending unit using a speed sensor on the Atlas T case.

    My Rover’s 6L80 controller outputs the speed on a VSS CAN and I like this because using Cummins INSITE I’m able set my rear axle ratio, tire size, etc and the ECM can then record engine data against vehicle speed. It could also relay that to a CAN gauge (like it does on my Rover’s PV101 Murphy gauge). With the ECM knowing speed, then it can also calculate fuel consumption. I believe you can take that one step further with a CAN fuel sender but I’m not there yet.

    So what I need to figure out is which speed sensor I could use that would put a signal on the CAN bus for me to ultimately drive the original speedo.

    anyone doing something similar?

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    This one keeps coming up but I don’t understand the notes around the CAN on the instructions above. If I use a VSS input, will it broadcast that speed out to the CAN bus or is the CAN only setup to receive?

    anyone running this one?