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97 Jeep TJ fuel sending unit Ohms

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  • 97 Jeep TJ fuel sending unit Ohms

    Can anyone tell me what the ohm reading should be on a 97 Jeep TJ fuel sending unit? I am trying to decide if the stock sending unit will work with my Intelitronix gauge setup.

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    I decided to go with a classic industries fuel sending unit with gm spec so 0-90 ohms. My sending unit should be here in a day or two and then I will machine a piece of billet aluminum to fit the top of my fuel tank to hold the sending unit.


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      Sorry, I meant to find the Jeep resistance for you (I was thinking like 220 ohm when full down to like 50 or something) but honestly going to the GM spec will make compatibility easy. To get my setup just right, the manual for my gauges has a procedure for a custom level, but I've never bothered and being wrong, it's more accurate than many vehicles and equipment I've ran are.


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        The classic industry sender is pretty cool. I got one that is 11 inches long and they make them in one inch increments. It is just a round tube that is just under 1.5 inches in diameter that will slip down through the top of the tank and will bolt onto the adapter I am making. I will try and post pictures when I get it machined.