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Possible way to scan and clear ecm codes

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  • Possible way to scan and clear ecm codes

    I have an idea to try and use my Autel Maxipro MP808TS scan tool to read and clear codes on the R2.8. My thought is to use the protocol for the Foton Tunland pickup with the Cummins ISF 2.8 diesel engine that is supported by the scan tool . I opened up the scan tool last night and when I selected the engine the scan tool lit up displaying J1939. I hope it works, I will try in a little while and see what happens.

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    Well, mixed success, I was able to read the codes but not clear them. My scan tool said it couldn't communicate with the ecm, but it was able to use J1939.


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      I GOT IT TO WORK!!!!!! I used my Autel Scan tool and picked FOTON, LIGHT TRUCK, Then I picked ISF, ENGINE ECU and read codes. All of the stored codes came up. I picked erase codes and an error message came up that said it couldn't communicate with the ecu. I tried it again and picked ecu information and it read the type of ecu and that it was Cummins. I read the codes again and hit erase codes and no codes present came up! I had received a new EGR from Cummins today and I installed it before doing this work. After installing the new EGR the codes were still there even after I went through the process to clear the codes. On top of that, the battery was disconnected overnight and had no effect. I started the engine and the amber light is now off on the Murphy gauge and when I read the codes again, no codes are present!!!!