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Turbo intake elbow straight

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  • Turbo intake elbow straight

    Seem to remember seeing there is a Cummins brand or otherwise straight turbo elbow. I need to get rid of the offset one that come with the engine because my intake points toward the rear and the offset puts it tight to the EGR valve.

    Looks like the Foton uses 4898587 and it’s straight. Seems to be a 2.25” to 2.5” elbow. Im assuming this is the best option. There are some Chinese versions for $30 or so.
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    ​ Well, to answer my own question, yes that is the correct part. Fits perfectly and makes the boost pipe move almost 1” away from the hot EGR body.


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      Your image links look broken. I was curious what you came up with.


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        Cummins 4898587 is a straight elbow. I bought one on eBay. It seemed to be a Chinese knockoff but was equal to the pert that came with the R2.8 in quality.