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Power steering reservoir location issue

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  • Power steering reservoir location issue

    I am up against a wall here. I have no room left on the power steering pump side of the engine bay to fit the power steering reservoir. Has anyone ever mounted their reservoir on the left side of the engine? Did you use a larger suction line to reduce line loses?

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    No reason this should be a problem. It’s common on many vehicles. My truck has maybe 2ft of return hose from the reservoir. Just make sure the reservoir is as high as reasonable.


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      Wow, what application is that?


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        My current setup is on my Volvo C303. Being a mid engine’ish truck the power steering setup is a bit goofy. But the reservoir sits forward of the engine and is attached with a 5/8” return hose.


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          Great! Thanks.


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            I did see a pump starve out once that was mounted on the driver's side and plumbed poorly back to the pump. It didn't fail the pump completely but it definitely damaged it. We were doing some extreme stuff and also pushing a hydro assist and 38's.

            You just want to ensure if you absolutely have to do it that it's mounted high enough and has a high enough capacity that in those instances where you're really off camber it won't starve the pump. Another way to think about it is that when it's across the engine bay, it doesn't take much vehicle tilt until the reservoir is below the pump. Got anyroom behind the grill?


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              I'm hose'd. (har har)

              I bought a nice aftermarket PS reservoir (PSC) with dual returns for my hydroboost, filter and tons of capacity. It just doesn't fit. Even the spot I wanted opposite the pump is too tight or blocks airflow to the CAC. The next best spot is 36" from the pump and would only take 11° of side angle to get the pump higher than the fluid level. I gave up and headed back to the bone yard today to survey remote reservoirs.

              This one is from a Ford Econoline Van and is short and broader. Single return, but correct hose sizes.
              Click image for larger version

Name:	2244820a0c1bc0bb3580362efdf5e017.jpg
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              I also pulled a unit from an early 2000s Explorer
              Click image for larger version

Name:	pspump-jpg.63768.jpg
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              If I can make either fit, then I'll buy a new one to install permanently.

              The Bronco is a packaging nightmare. We have a '67 Ford Fairlane (like a Mustang) with more room under the hood.

              This is what I have to work with:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	Underhood.jpg
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              • Battery can't move. I've tried. Even considered moving it underneath, but it drives too many other problems
              • Pink areas are where I tried to fit it first with no luck. Not even close.
              • I settled on trying to mount it in the Blue areas, but it either doesn't have the vertical clearance or sit directly in the airflow of the radiator or CAC
              • Red area was my last hope, but its just too far from the pump and would starve with little side angle.
              • Every location is vertically challenged under the hood. I have to re-sculpt a hood brace to avoid contacting the crank breather.

              Now my best option is the Green area. It's 10"x10", but only has 5" - 5.5" of vertical height to work with. It is also the furthest distance from the hydroboost and steering gear.