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What are the extra plugs for?

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  • What are the extra plugs for?

    There are some extra plugs on the engine harness that I can't find an explanation for in the install manual. I assume 2 of them are extras for something not included with the R2.8, but the 3rd I'm not sure. There is also a extra MAP sensor. Can someone confirm this is to measure ambient pressure? Do I leave it zip-tied to the loom tube or mount it? Should it have a sintered or foam air filter?

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    The "extra" sensor can be left tied to the loom. I believe it's ambient air temp but I need to look it up to be sure.

    The triangular connection is a CAN bus connection. You can leave it plugged and if someone needs to hook a service tool to the engine, they have that as an option. I'm using mine to connect to my transmission controller CAN bus.

    The yellow plug can be left alone. I believe it's two CAN wires, maybe a charge lamp indicator, and a jumper to the AC compressor plug that's also on the harness. This was leftover from an option for an OEM connection point.


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      Awesome, thanks!