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R2.8 Fuel Fitting to the Fuel Pump

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  • R2.8 Fuel Fitting to the Fuel Pump

    Does anyone have an alternative to the barb fitting for the fuel line going into the fuel pump from the filter? While I am sure the little plastic quick release barb fitting will work fine....there has to be an alternative.



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    I may be answering this the wrong way, but it's a J2044 and 5/16 barb I think. However I think I used a 3/8 barb for my fuel lines.


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      DieselJeep THANKS....but...

      I am trying to find an alternate to the barb fitting part....maybe a AN fitting?


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        I can't remember, off the top of my head, but isn't the line kind of a plastic type line?


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          theShaytoon what did you end up doing on your build? MountainD and myself have been asking the same question - AN fitting on fuel pump. The only one I found is from protec - they should arrive this week.... Standard EFI / QD an connectors dont work as the J2044 shoulder does not have enough clearance to lock in - not a problem on the female J2044. The only other option that I could think of would be a 5/16 tube (compression) fitting for the fuel pump inlet, but the olive sits at the end of the fuel inlet. The inlet appears to be pressed into the fuel that could be a pricey error.


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            I've been looking for an alternative for the Plastic Fuel Fittings that come with the Cummins, there is one for the inlet and one for the return... They are these funky barb fittings that I was not a fan of...wanted AN fittings.
            Anyways, dkemmD90 found them across the pond. Price is not too bad, about $23 each, but the shipping is another $40. Again, not too bad, but I wanted to put it out there... Does anyone else want a set to offset the hassle and the shipping costs? I'll order the set and put them in the mail for you...