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Inside of a Cummins R2.8!

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  • Inside of a Cummins R2.8!

    Here are some photos of the inside of the new R2.8.
    I am very pleased with the machine work and overall design. It is what I expected to see, and hopefully will prove to some that this is built to the standards we expect. Also the oil pan and pickup is a brilliant design in my opinion.

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      Do you have any idea how the tension in the timing chain is controlled? Not sure what else you got to look at it while you were in there, but besides seals, timing seems to be what always forces me inside engines and some engines it's cheaper just to get another engine, but this isn't one of those. I've read hearsay only about the internals, but would love to see a detailed break down, ie camshaft support, timing design. I really wish this had geared timing, but I don't think I've heard of any compact engines like this with that type of timing.