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Cummins R2.8 installation guide

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  • Cummins R2.8 installation guide

    This has more information than anyone could ask for! Also much more detailed than mine was.... it was only 60 pages. They added a bit of info I see....

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    "The R2.8 CM2220 R101B engine horsepower and torque may exceed the capability of the existing drivetrain components, and thus must be addressed during planning for your repower. "

    My favorite line of the manual thus far.... photos will come later as to the joke here.


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      The above statement should make sense with this photo....
      300k mile trans + new R2.8 = a tow dolly home
      I managed to strip 5th gear running down the road at 70. The trans made it 3k miles with the Cummins before giving up the goat. Swapped in a G52 I had laying at the shop and smoked it in 200 miles doing the same thing.
      Since this I have been running a reman W56 with no issues yet, and I haven't been treating it nice......