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  • Ultimate Adventure Week

    All - Our trip to Alaska for Ultimate Adventure 2019 is being posted all week this week on MotorTrend's youtube channel. There were three R2.8's on the trip including the Deranged Rover from last year which drove to Alaska from Arizona for the pre-running (and then ran it again for the event) and Trent McGee's Scout build lead vehicle making it's maiden voyage leading the pack the entire event.

    The Cummins rigs were fuel economy kings which came in handy as others were burning through fuel reserves before reaching the next opportunity to fill. Each Cummins got to play tow rig at least once for a vehicle that ran out of fuel. It was a reminder that good fuel economy numbers aren't about saving money at the pump as much as they are about being able to get home at the end of the day when you're hundreds of miles from the nearest fuel pump!

    Check out the youtube links this week as each day a new chapter drops.


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    Looks like fun!

    Agreed about fuel economy. My Bronco had a 250 mile range between fillups. Hoping to push that over 550 miles with the R2.8 and an 8 gal aux tank.


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      That was a great series. I just wanted more. Thanks for helping put that together and letting others of us watch it.