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3.9 Common Rail (perhaps off topic)

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  • 3.9 Common Rail (perhaps off topic)

    I"m sorry if this is off topic or in the wrong sub-forum. I'm sure I'll hear about it if so. In my personal correspondence with people I keep coming across the idea that people would also be very interested in a "repower" program based on the 3.9BT common rail (the ISB 170). While the 2.8 appears to be a good fit for smaller applications there really isn't anything in between the 2.8L and the 5.9/6.7L class of engines. I have an old twinkie truck with the old 3.9BT. It shakes like a old paint shaker! But it doesn't have the numbers it's electronic counterpart does and it's just flat out noisy as all hell. Does anyone know who at Cummins I could annoy with this idea? Of course Cummins would be much more likely to move on such an idea if there were others who had interest in this. So I reckon my question is this: Would anyone else be interested in a similar arrangement as the R2.8 but based on the common rail 3.9L? Thoughts?

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    The issue with other engines is as always the EPA and emissions. I believe they were working on a 5.9 series but not sure how far that went.

    I have spoken to many many of the powers that be and again the issue is emissions compliance with a large company. They cannot manufacture an engine package for “on road” use that was never used “on road” prior somewhere.

    Not sure that helps but that’s what I know.



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      I thought Cummins was trying to get the ISF 3.8 crate engine or something. It just felt that way when I was researching and likely just speculation. I think a slightly modified ISF 3.8 would be AMAZING and fill that gap. I'd love a "smallish" inline 4, modern diesel. I was under the impression they were a bit more robust than the 2.8 and would have a nice boost of HP/Torque.

      I've got plans on a YJ truck I want to build and the ISF 3.8 would fit the bill IMO, not sure about the budget though.

      Like RePower said, it's all emissions and the EPA. I have zero clue about crate engines for the most part, but I'd be surprised if the 2.8 stays around. Part of me likes the idea of maybe a stroked 2.8 and a built bottom end, if possible. I'm completely speculating obviously, but if you had like a 3.2L, beefed up a bit, maybe compound turbo, you could see a pretty interesting beast. I guess that price would be pretty crazy, but I can dream can't I? Give me something that's kind of like the low end from the early 2000s diesels which only put out around 225 hp, I'd be ecstatic. I guess I could get pretty close with gearing, but I'm still very new to any diesel modifications.