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  • 6l80e

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been answered already. I’m wanting to match the 6L80e with the R2.8. Is there a recommended stall converter? What RPM range should I look for in a converter? Thanks guys

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    There's a thread with a bit of info. I think 2500 was recommended.


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      I'm running a 2500 stall on my 6L80 in my Disco 2 and our Cummins test rigs with 6L80/90's are as well. It gives the right amount of engine speed to build boost for good transient response.

      Have you already bought your trans? If not, I would weigh this route against the 8-speed. I really wanted to go 8-speed with my Rover when my wife mandated auto but the adapters weren't to market yet. It's lighter weight and from my understanding the factory shift tables are much better out of the box. The 6L90 is a beast and feels bomb proof, requires a ton of ATF and it took me some trial and error to get the cooling/shift points in check.