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  • 6l80e install/info

    Well it's been busy lately but I thought I would put some info out on mating a 6l80/90e to a r2.8 and the more critical part make it work.
    Axis has an LS adapter that works great with the 6l80 and the r2.8. Very straight forward installation, not much to say beyond that. Haha

    We have had very good luck with a 2500 stall converter in this combination. Some will want lower but this combination gives good all around performance with the stock tune on the R2.8.

    As for communication and control there is currently one option from PCS but is only sold through Zero Gravity performance. (Because PCS doesn't want to support it)
    Jim at zero gravity is brilliant and great at tech support, I know plenty but he is really the expert.
    The controller does nothing really except converts the language from the Cummins to GM. It also fools the internal TCM into believing it is still in a GM based vehicle.

    The quick install run down is below..... but keep in mind this is from memory, I'm sure I'll miss something.

    One main plug goes directly into the trans simply enough.
    The controller has a 12v constant, switched and ground that have to be hooked up, however at this time the 12v constant and the switched source should be both connected to a switched source. This is due to a time out issue within the TCM that can cause a communication issue.
    The only other 2 wires that are needed are a brake light switched source. To tell the TCM to unlock the converter among other things. The other is a reverse ground, a relay will need to be wired in normally to power up your reverse lamps using this as the trigger. Some vehicles may vary.
    Last main and most important is the CAN wiring to the Cummins. I normally wire the CAN signal to the 3 pin plug near the thermostat but you can also pick it up from one other location near the computer. I have never tried the plug near the computer so I cannot tell you if it works or not. Remember there is a CAN high and low, if you get them backwards it will not communicate properly.

    Once powered up and running most likely the firmware will need to be updated and communication will need to be established. This is not easy to explain in writing so I will try to put up some screen shots of the settings. But that might take me a few days.

    After all all of this you will need to take it to a trained transmission tuner with HP tuner or similar. The base software within the PCS system will not tune the transmission. I have a few tunes thus far and will most likely offer them in the future. Tuning a transmission or engine is risky if you don't know what you are doing so do it at your own risk.

    Once tuned the 6l80 will start learning and modifying shift points on its own to smooth out even more. Yes the 6l80 will always be learning. Over time it will take note of harsh shifts or slow shifts and it will modify its program little by little.

    Now that you have it hooked up and tuned, Get to driving! You will be pleased with the performance.

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    Thought I would bump this up with some more advice...

    For any of these controllers you need to hook up some critical things, the brake wire needs to be connected to tell the converter to unlock. The reverse, and N safety switch must be hooked up too, for safety reasons.

    Also be sure to connect the “switched power” and “constant power” to a key power source.


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      I'm considering the 6L80 for my Trooper build. Does this setup have the ability to add a separate TC lock button for manual lockup?


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        I don’t think so, and I would be worried that this would destroy something, especially if you forgot about it. With hp tuners you would be able to set up when it locks and unlocks automatically. I coppied some shift and lockup tables from a Chevy Colorado with the Duramax diesel and it works pretty good.


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          Another adapter option for Automatic transmissions -


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            Are you offering the tunes for the 6l80e?


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              Originally posted by 39HudsonPU View Post
              Another adapter option for Automatic transmissions -
              That’s just an axis adapter they are reselling


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                Originally posted by tnoon758 View Post
                Are you offering the tunes for the 6l80e?
                Possibly, I would need info from you and depending on TCM I cannot just drop a tune on. You would also need HP tuners or someone that can drop the tune on.