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AW4 transmission

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  • AW4 transmission

    I'm doing my research on what it will take to put the 2.8 in front of an AW4 in a Jeep Cherokee.

    I see that the physical adapters are out there to bolt it up. But what I don't see is much about how to get the controller set up. The talk I do see is someone mentioning that you can use an Arduino to do the controlling. But there is scarce info out there beyond that.

    Being an embedded software engineer with decades of experience, I feel like I have the skill set to program one of these. I figure I can get a main board, a CAN bus shield to talk to the 2.8 computer and then a shield or two to handle the inputs from the transmission and possibly the speed sensor, as well as to trigger the relays needed to control the transmission.

    I've been finding quite a bit out there about the transmission and the controls it will need, as well as the algorithms I'm going to need to control it.

    What I don't have any information for is what data Cummins has coming out of the CAN bus.

    Is anyone else out there working on this? Is there a good place to go to find the information I'm looking for?


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    Compushift has a controller I believe? I know they communicate j1939 as well.
    I have not used them but did have a conversation a year or so back. Might be worth a phone call.
    The Aw4 is the same as some asin transmissions if memory serves.


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      Cummins will broad cast engine load and APP (accelerator Pedal Position) , those are the only 2 things you really need from the engine, you will also need a VSS input to build a standalone trans controller.
      We have not put a AW4 behind the R2.8 yet, but I have done some AW4 swaps in some TJ's in the past for some friends and it only takes 2 wires to control the 4 solenoids.


      We just used the winter shifter kits that are out there with switches on it to manual control what gear you want to be in. If you want a full standalone TCM you will need to write some logic based on APP vs VSS.