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Blowby through breather

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  • Blowby through breather

    Took my rig out for the second off-road voyage and it was leaving a trail of oil. When I got back home I tracked it down and it is coming out the air filter housing, so I am assuming it is from the breather tube. Has anyone one else seen this? I was on some crazy steep terrain so I am wondering if that has something to do with it. The first time out the steering box sprung a leek so unfortunately I am leaning toward “leaky” for a nickname.

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    That sucks. Did you figure anything out about the cause?

    Now that you mention it, I think I have some oily spots on that side of my engine bay. I figured it was my crankcase vent and tightened it a bit. I checked my oil and it was fine.

    I do have a slight leak on one of my remote oil filter lines, but I've learned my lesson on trying to tighten stuff around the oil cooler. I'll wait until I need to pull off the inner fender. Getting 2 over 1" wrenches on there and putting that type of force on 1 fitting and that amount of torque would easily strip out the aluminum housing if I screw up which I did earlier on the oil pressure adapter.


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      So I can officially tell everyone that if oil runs out of your air filter and your oil cap blows up into the air when left loose you should proceed directly to your nearest Cummins dealer. I could even hear the combustion pulses with the oil cap off. They tell me I was the first one to have a catastrophic failure. Thank god they changed the warranty to 2 years. Cummins was allowed 1 hr to diagnose the issue, but they had to pull the engine before they figured out what caused the failure. There was a brass bushing on an idler gear on the back of the engine that sent brass everywhere. I only had 25 hours on the engine. Unfortunately they don’t cover labor under warranty so I got it back in pieces along with a new engine. So far I spent a day putting it back together and I am about 1/2 way there. I also had to get the intercooler flushed and order a new air filter since they were full of brass particles. I think the dealer felt bad and hooked me up with fluids and some Cummins swag. The warranty process was stressful and was a bit over a month long.


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        At my Cummins dealer, my R2.8 was the first they'd ever seen. Could you tell something was definitely wrong when it failed, besides the oil, like noise loss of power?


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          Not really, the oil running out the air filter was really the only symptom. I thought the positive pressure in the crankcase was a symptom but the replacement engine does the same thing.