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R2.8 DYNO tuning. Coming soon.

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  • R2.8 DYNO tuning. Coming soon.

    Taking one to a rwd Dyno tomorrow to play it with it a bit. Going to run it stock and a few other fun tunes....

    To be clear, I’m not planning on offering tuning but want to get some data.

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    Let’s just say it’s making power....... Dyno sheets soon.


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      Looking forward to it.


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        What is it in?


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          The Volvo Amazon. 2wd, big trans and 9” rear.
          I’ll post graphs when I have time but here ya go.

          All of these numbers are corrected numbers, on dynojet software and cannot be changed. This Dyno has over 50k pulls logged on it and 10s of thousands of cars and trucks. As real as it gets. Altitude is 5k feet but with correction should make this at sea level, possibly more due to our boost limitations at this altitude.

          All numbers are at the tire.....

          Stock tune made 172hp and 303 ft lbs

          Mild tune we have on a handful of trucks and over 15k miles of testing made....
          202hp and 406 ft lbs

          Hot tune we are playing with made 219hp and 459 ft lbs. Peak TQ was around 2300 on both tunes.

          Might go back and see if it has more to give but this is a completely stock 2.8 without EGR and does have a mechanical fan.

          Let me say again I am not a tuning company and we don’t do any tuning, this also was done on a pre emissions 1964 Volvo. If you tune your engine you will void the warrantee and you also can run the risk of being non emissions compliant. Do it at your own risk!

          I am also working on some high performance goodies too, from ARP studs to possibly a stroked crank.


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            That is awesome. Wish my transmission wasn't maxed out with the stock tune already.

            Do you know if anyone has messed with an "economy" tune with an EGR delete? Is there any difference in the very low RPMs with EGR delete say around take off or something or with building boost faster? I just don't have much experience with EGR or smaller displacement diesels.


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              Dang, that's cool. 30 years ago, no one would have imagined 459 lbft from a 2.8L mill.


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                Im all in for that 406ftlbs! Nice job amd thanks for the numbers!


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                  The 406 tune is great, more than enough for most trucks it seems. One day I will build my own Land Rover and this is the tune I’ll run on it.


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                    My older Dodge 2500, which weighs over 8000 lbs has 460 ft lbs and moves quite well. Obviously a 5.9L diesel is probably way less peaky, since it moves itself around easily at any RPM.

                    Torque-wise that truck tows great too. It's not the same as some of the more tuned trucks, but it'll tow a bit over 6,000 lbs and never have to leave 5th gear on the highway, even with some pretty good hills.

                    I kind of want to build a small truck with a R2.8, if I do another build, it might be worth putting in a transmission that can handle that kind of torque. My AX-15 is maxed out as is, so I just want an Eco type tune and EGR delete. Have you messed with any Eco tunes in the small SUV realm?