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    What have the TJ swappers been using for a clutch? I replaced mine with a LUK clutch kit while I had it out but I don't think it's able to handle the torque long term. Are people using stage 1/2 upgrade clutch kits? Don't really want to drop the ball and be stranded somewhere but I also don't feel to keen on the exedy stage 1 from rockauto thats available.

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    Luk HD clutch with the Axis kits is pretty standard. Axis agreed when I talked with them over a year ago as well. I think the regular Luk would be fine. The output of the R2.8 is within the Ax-15 input. I think the HD makes a little more sense. I had to pull my transmission after about 6-8k miles and the clutch looked brand new (obviously it's not very old though).

    If you're bored here's the stuff I got. I think I have the actual part no. for the clutch.


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      If you're going to tune the engine for more power and really want a manual, I think the NV4500 gearing would be awesome in a TJ.