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Reversible Oil Pan

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  • Reversible Oil Pan

    Has anyone utilized this part yet? I am wondering if it truly reversible end to end, and if it indeed keeps the dipstick on the same side? My R2.8 placement is gonna crash the front axle right into the pan as it is, and I don't have any ingress issues to deal with if the pan is forward.

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    I have not tried to flip one but if it does work I believe the dipstick will change sides. I actually believe you need the reverse sump pan, I don’t think you can simply flip it. They make a front sump pan. Only reason I say this is the oil pickup is built into the pan, and the oil pump is at the front of the motor. If you flipped it the oil pump would not have a pickup and would most likely be blocked off by the pan.


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      Sure, I assumed that it was a given that there was either a different pickup or a way to flip the entire thing. Seemed too good to be true to be so simple. I am not the biggest fan of plastic parts, but I would like to avoid having to cut this sump up and relocate the pickup for $$$ fab reasons.

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    Unless this part you list is actually the reverse pan.... if so that was just me rambling


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      I ended up getting the pan, as per Steve it is indeed reversible. I will post pictures once installed.


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