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  • Engine vibration

    I bought the QuickDraw brand AX15 and flywheel setup for the Cummins R2.8. I have been trying to work through a vibration that happens between 1800-1900 rpm. It doesn’t matter what gear it’s in or the speed of my TJ. It is rpm related and when it has a bit of a load on the engine. If you are easy on the gas pedal it is less noticeable. I am leaning more toward either a clutch misalignment issue or the flywheel is slightly out of balance. The question I have is if any of you have ever come across this in any of your builds reporting a similar issue and if there is a solution?

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    I haven't experienced any issues like that, but it sounds like mis-alignment of the transmission shaft to the clutch to the engine. It would be easy to blow the tolerance on a rotating piece. You typically need to be under 0.0005" Total Indicated Runout (TIR) to be well aligned. My adapter had a max TIR of 0.0003"