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    I am a little over 2200 miles now with 4.56 gears and 35's, my reverse cut 8.8 rear axle probably isn't as efficient as a standard rotation rear axle since I am driving on the coast side of the gears, but it seems ok. My first thousand miles my miles divided by the fuel used according to the murphy gauge put me right at 20 mpg with mixed highway and off road. The next 1000 miles are over 50% low range 4wd and I would estimate the mileage at around 15. My 4.0 would have been lucky to get 10 on the same drives and was usually in single digits in 4 low. My EGR didn't work correct for the first 2000 miles and then all of the sudden started working correctly. I replaced my thermostat two weeks ago because the engine was running way too cold in Wyoming winter conditions. It is much better since replacing the thermostat.
    I do have an issue with misfiring when the engine is started below about 25 degrees. It sounds like the engine is only running on 3 out of 4 cylinders. If I plug it in, it runs smooth. Starting the engine around 0 without being plugged it was tough and when it finally started, I had to elevate the speed to 1500+ rpms to get the engine to smooth out and clear up, then it was fine. Overall, I love this little engine!


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      In my 2007 Nissan Xterra, 6 sp manual, Indy to Chicago and back, running 70 mph - thats about 2100 rpm, vehicle is stock set up including tires. Engine is stock tune, all emissions equipment operating, no lights on, etc... I got 30 MPG. Running around town, even if I drive like I am mad at it, its hard for me to get below 26 mpg. Been happy with it so far, have about 5K miles on the build so far.