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  • Exhaust

    Any suggestions on exhaust systems? Personally I want it fairly quiet, with a bit of low end. Pix welcome too though. I've been looking at some Flowmaster 50 or 60 series stuff, but most seem to just go straight pipe. Everything is so oriented to large diesels or gas engines, so I'm not sure how to go.

    For the time being I'm going to go DOC, flex pipe, and then go straight back and hang that right in front of the axle, until I figure something out.

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    The black cummins test Jeep has the stock exhaust on it. I heard it run and it was pretty quiet.


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      If you run the DOC any muffler will do fine. The repower toy has a straight 2.5” exhaust and its mostly engine noise. Very,title exhaust note. However this was in a truck not an suv.


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        We run no the Banks Muffler on all of our builds and it has a nice tone to it. As RePowerToy mentioned the DOC will act as a muffler itself. If you remove the DOC it will be a little louder.


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          The turbo also quiets things down a lot. There are a good number of folks who run turbos with no mufflers.